Create Art like a Professional

Surprise Yourself & Create a Masterpiece

What Makes Crayon Occasion Different

  • All classes are taught by a professional artist (Brooke)
  • Class size remains small, providing opportunity for one-on-one help
  • Learn about the artistic styles like Impressionism, Abstract & more
  • Discover drawing & painting (painting classes offered in-person only)
  • Classes run for an hour & a half, providing plenty of time for perfecting
  • Supplies are included (in-person classes only)
  • Learn professional techniques 
  • Creativity is encouraged
  • Receive a digital version of all artwork captured (in-person classes only)

About Brooke

Brooke Alexander created Crayon Occasion Art School in 2014 and has been helping beginning artists create masterpieces ever since. She went to Canterbury High School in Ottawa where she honed her passion for art. Taking part in their specialty visual arts program changed her life; earning her a scholarship into Sheridan College, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts (Illustration).

Brooke's Mission

Brooke's mission is to share the indescribable feeling that comes with completing your very own masterpiece. She wants her students to discover art, understand it and reap all the benefits that it has to offer.

Contact Brooke for more information or to sign up