After-School Session (begins when it is safe to do so)


Due to Covid-19 and health regulations, Brooke (owner/creator) is temporarily closing her school. Once it is safe to do so, all classes will continue as normal. In the meantime, stay safe everyone.

Next 6 Week Session - Canines (starting date TBD)

The theme of the next six week after-school session is Canines. The session will run for six weeks. Students will discover painting and drawing, learning how to capture canines realistically and illustratively in a variety of artistic styles. 

Do not be intimidated by the images below; these are inspirational. Brooke always encourages creativity and wants her students to interpret her instructions in their own, unique way.

Regular Session (6+) - $150

Advanced Session (11-17) $185

How is Advanced Different from Regular

Advanced sessions are designated to Brooke's older students (11+) who are seeking a more challenging experience. With fewer pieces to complete, students will have more time to perfect their masterpieces; they will use professional grade media/canvas and will receive in-depth critiques of two pieces (critiques provide by Brooke), Great for portfolio building. 

session for seniors (closed for now)


Currently everything is closed down for public safety purposes. Please practice self-distancing and stay safe, everyone.


Join the upcoming session (when it is safe to do so), and let Brooke guide you towards several artistic masterpieces. Brooke designs her classes for beginners, so do not worry if you have no idea how to draw or paint. Come meet other seniors in the Barrhaven area and see what you can capture with Brooke.

Cost & Location

$180 (supplies included)

700 Longfields Drive (in Barrhaven)