May 2019 Session (beginning week of May 13)

Day One: Mixed Media Painting (Acrylic & Coloured Pencil on Illustration Board)
Create a Face

It is always fun to grab a pencil and create a face from your imagination. Today we will invent a face together. The face will illuminate as the class progresses. We will use a black illustration board (this is a thick, black board great for any medium), coloured pencil and acrylic paint!

Day Two: Drawing (Coloured Pencil)
Depicting an Emotion through Illustration

Why is illustration different from fine art? Long story short, fine art is an expression of the artist’s idea and will be interpreted differently from viewer to viewer, while the goal behind illustration is to create a concrete story/idea, to be interpreted consistently no matter who is looking at it.¬†Brooke’s students will capture three faces upon one sheet of paper and discover how simple it is to create emotion.

Day Three: Painting (Acrylic on Stretched Canvas)
Fauvism – Human Eyes

Fauvism is an artistic style similar to Impressionism, but different as it uses imaginary colours. This acrylic painting will capture human eyes, looking directly at the viewer. Students will aim for kind eyes, but if a different emotion arises, Brooke will more than encourage it.

Day Four: Drawing (Coloured Pencil)
Baby Face

Today’s assignment will be a realistic drawing of a baby inspired by an image Brooke did years ago. Infant skin is incredibly smooth and completely wrinkle free. Babies have large, chubby cheeks, petite chins, wispy hair and large, adorable eyes.

Day Five: Mixed Media Painting (Watercolour & Coloured Pencil)
Caricature of Me!

Brooke’s students will again discover how to mix media, this time using coloured pencil and watercolour paint. These two media are made for each other!

Caricatures are different from portraits. Portraits depict the subject accurately whereas the goal behind a caricature is to have a little more fun, capturing the subject in an expressive often funny, yet still recognizable manner.¬†Everyone has a unique face that can be turned into a caricature. Today’s subject will be Brooke!

Day Six: Drawing (Coloured Pencil)
Cubist Face

Brooke has done plenty of Cubist paintings with her students, so it’s time for a Cubist drawing. This style takes something that exists in reality and captures it using strategically placed shapes and lines. Picasso is best known for his Cubist portraiture era. His paintings are strange, resembling a bundle of shapes and lines, but viewers can definitely recognize the faces.

$145 / student


  • 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
  • 6:15 PM – 7:45 PM