Artistic Summer Day Camp

Brooke will share her professional painting & drawing techniques, guiding her students with simple steps, allowing the beginning artists to recapture the artwork at hand and discover their true potential. Class sizes are small (4-6 students). Small classes is what makes Crayon Occasion Art School different from the rest. Children will have all of their needs met, receive one-on-one guidance when needed,  have a great opportunity to share, discuss, ask questions and be heard.

Fine Art & Illustration: Using a variety of media, students will capture several pieces, inspired by classic artistic styles like Abstract and Impressionism. Students will also discover illustration and how it is different from fine art.

Progressive Piece: Brooke’s students will have an opportunity to feel like a professional artist, working on one progressive piece for two hours every day. Spending several hours on one piece with 24 hour breaks will help students better understand the world of professional art.

Music & Discover: Brooke loves to see creativity and will give her students an opportunity to create something all their own. Everyone will capture one Abstract piece, on the spot, inspired by music. Students will have complete freedom with this lesson, allowing them to discover their own artistic style.

Breaks, Games & Sharing: A full day of artistic fun will include a lunch (please provide a lunch/snacks), breaks, sharing/discussing and games!

Classes will be designated by age, so children can engage and relate better with their classmates (age groups: 6-10 years & 11-17 years).


Full Week (9:30am-4:30pm) $325 / Student (supplies included) REG. $350

One Day 9:30am-4:30pm (if available) $85 / student (supplies included)

Request a Week:

July 8 – 12 (ages 6-10)

July 22 – 26 (ages 11-17)

August 5 – 9 (ages 11-17)

August 26 – 30 (ages 11-17)